Pondering the Order of the Universe

What is CosmoScript?

CosmoScript is the gateway to sharing your ideas (brilliant or not) with the rest of the world. If every human woke up one day and decided that the best way to advance mankind, the world we live in, and even the technology required to visit new worlds was to work togther - well we all might actually end up successful. Currently, the world progresses under the motives of war, death, and fear - and unfortunately it is working for the victors - yet it only causes more of the same motives for everyone else. Clearly it's a circulating pattern of impending disaster. New motives are required for a more secure future. These could include old or new philosophies on life, technological ideas, questions, large or small scale plans, scientific hypothesis and experiments, and the list can go on. CosmoScript is a miniscule corner of the internet where the seeds of these motives can be planted.

Why 'CosmoScript'?

Entropy is the measure of the disorder of a system. The second law of Thermodynamics states that the entropy value of a closed system will always increase with the passing of time. Many people believe this is the reason that the world can be so negative and disorderly, however many people would be wrong. The Earth is not a closed system, the sun is our battery. With the energy we recieve from the relatively undying star in our sky every day, we have the power to put in the work to reverse the entropy on Earth - and to make it a more whole and balanced planet again. The difference between the word 'Universe' and the word 'Cosmos' is simply that Cosmos implies the existance of an order, explanation, and balance to everything. This is the inspiration for CosmoScript. It is a place to document (script) the means for a better (more orderly and cosmic) existance.

How to participate:

CosmoScript is taking it back to the '80s, specifically 1988 - the year Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was invented. At its core, IRC is a basic chatting program. It facilitates multiperson chatting as well as one on one chatting. It's capabilities go beyond what is explained here, but you are encouraged to follow this link to a Wikipedia page on IRC to learn more.

Step 1: Download an IRC client - Free and cross platform version: HexChat

Step 2: Open the program - Choose a nickname

Step 3: Add a network to the network list called: CosmoScript

Step 4: Edit the network to the following:

     -If there is an option for PORT:

     Unencrypted: 6667    Encrypted: 6697

     -If there is NOT an option for PORT:

     Add /6667 or /6697 to end of network name

Step 5: Connect to the network and join the #Worldchat channel to begin!

Why IRC?

IRC chat is generally less crowded and more private (even though anybody can join) than other online chatting programs.

Also, it's super retro and retro is cool.